Getting the word out!

We have been doing a big organising drive recently: postering, stickering, leafletting, out talking to folk. Rather than arrange big groups of us descending on an area we have been popping up a note of times where one of us is free and if others are too then we meet at/near somebodies home then spend an hour or so popping out info around the area before stopping for a cuppa and a chat. Because a lot of us are shift workers arranging these sessions on the hoof has been proving successful.

Last week a couple of us met up for a late-morning walk around Govanhill. Yesterday afternoon we were in Partick and have already had two contacts with struggles we might be able to help with. Next week on Wed 20th a coupple of us are meeting at 5pm outside the Fred Paton Centre on Carrington St (near St. Georges Cross), then at 2pm on the 28th we will be meeting on Charring Cross itself to go around some of the flats near by.

If you would like to help arrange a similar wander about near you then drop an email to and we’ll get back in touch, or just turn up at one of the arranged times/places above!

Looking further afield we have been some good victories by people using exactly the same methods of direct action and solidarity that we use here with the Glasgow SolNet. In May the Bristol Solidarity Network had two wins back-to-back against dodgy bosses (see here and here). Going further south the Brighton Solidarity Federation have set up a hospitality workers network that have struggled five times with bosses and won every time using the same methods we use here. You can see a video of how they got the most recent win here:

A lot of the struggles these groups have found themselves in the middle of are exactly the sort of struggles we see taking place here in Glasgow and hope to be able to provide solidarity towards and ultimately help gain victory through collective direct action!

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