A wee little update on the Glasgow Solidarity Network

As ardent readers of this blog know, Glasgow Solidarity Network had a busy start to 2014. We won the struggle against a Glasgow letting agency that ripped tenants of by charging illegal “administration fees”. The agency had to pay back just under 190 quid. Following this successful campaign GSN received quite a few calls and emails from people with similar problems. We met up with them to discuss whether their struggle was winnable and how to go about it. In one instance, while the struggle against a dodgy landlord charging money for “hovering under the bed” seemed winnable, the person who contacted the Network in the end decided that they could presently not commit enough time to a campaign against their former landlord. However, the meetings were great, everybody learnt a lot – not least that letting agents and private landlords now started to circumvent safe deposit schemes by calling deposits “fittings and furniture lettings – and met great people who have joined the Network. Another two instances of slum landlordism are being looked at currently as well. GSN also invited for the Big Meet Up and is intensifying its flyering efforts. If you want to host us to flyer in your area, get in touch and give us a hand!

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