Direct Action: Berlin initiative “We Are Staying” names and shames property speculators

Linie206_FINALPostkarteVornecopia-1024x724The house in Berlin’s Linienstrasse 206 has been used by people seeking to build an alternative communal life since 1990, when free or cheap (albeit run-down) housing became available in the “re-unified” city. Plenty of projects emerged, some still exist today even though rent agreements have been formalised and houses have been bought by those making use of them. Linienstrasse 206 is, however, still in the hands of proprietors who little sympathy with anything that is not geared towards profit so that, with rents and house prices rising in Berlin, tenants are put under pressure to move out so that the house can be “re-developed”. Well, “We Are Staying” have started informing neighbours of the house’s proprietors about the characters of these two fellows. Informational material has been put into people’s letter boxes, and the owners themselves have been made aware of the campaign. This approach echoes the naming and shaming method successfully applied by Solidarity Networks everywhere.

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