Losing your home thanks to ‘house improvements’

Multi-national corporates buying swathes of late 19th century flats and ‘modernising’ them by installing air conditioning, triple glazing and lifts. The consequence is that current tenants can no longer afford rents which often double as a consequence of ‘luxury refurbishments’. The anti-gentrification German campaign “We Are All Staying” recently reported about yet another case in Berlin’s ‘trendy’ Prenzlauer Berg district and is building a direct action coalition to stop ‘modernisation’ and evictions. The Council, always great on promising rent caps, is doing nothing.

Who has similar experiences in Glasgow? Are there particular companies involved in the destruction of affordable homes? Who benefits from the profits? Can we name and shame them? We’d like to hear your stories and your thoughts about gentrification and displacement and what can be done to halt it.

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