This Wednesday find out more about the Solidarity Network

For last few months a core of us SolNet (Glasgow Solidarity Network) organisers have been meeting most weeks to move the SolNet forward. We rotate our meetings between where we have organisers – Maryhill, Dennistoun and Govanhill. This is because after every meeting we do some publicity in the local area, unless we’ve run out of leaflets or its chucking down!

We decided to make this week’s SolNet open to new people who want to find out more about who we are, what we do, why we do it and maybe get involved. This is because we’ve had a few folks interested and so we thought an informal get together and chat, where people could listen to each other’s questions, concerns and inspirations might be less intimidating for people then to arrange to meet with us individually.

If you can’t manage this meetup, let us know and we’ll get a coffee with you some other time. We don’t bite, well except bosses and slumlords … (or if you ask nicely)

We’ll be in the downstairs of the CCA (or upstairs if its super busy) and we’ll have “Solidarity Network” on a big piece of paper on the table. If you want a “meet and greet” (where we arrange to meet you at the front door just beforehand rather than walking up to a table of strangers on your own) just say so 🙂

(We don’t normally meet in the CCA. For this week we picked it as a convenient location in the city centre which is accessible and usually not too noisy)

Wednesday 20th March. 7:30-9pm. CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St  Glasgow, G2 3JD

Its recommended, but not required, that you look over SeaSol’s “Building a solidarity network guide” before you come as this is what we’re basing everything we do at the moment on. You can access it SeaSol (Seattle Solidarity Network) is our “parent” group – it was after finding out about them, how successful they’ve been and meeting a couple of their organisers that we formed SolNet.

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